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    Indesign CC


      I have a real problem!

      When I try to relink an image I use to get Indesign to point at the old image and I could relink to the image I had made a retusch on and saved with a new name.

      ex, image_33.tif relinked to image_33_x1 where _x1 is version 1 of my retusch.

      This was not a problem in CS5, but I can´t find out how to get this  in CC.

      Now the best I can do is to come to the latest folder and you may think that it is ok, but if you have 60-70 images in that folder and there is images named iStock_000020425982XXLarge and iStock_000020426020XXLarge I think you see the need for me to get indesign to point at the linked file.