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    conversion rgb in cmyk

      Hello everybody,
      i use kuler first time - cool tool!
      I have a questions about conversion rgb in cmyk.
      In Photoshop or Illsutrator i get complete different values for the same color.
      I try to change the color profiles adjustment, but never i get the same color values
      like kuler. For example: in kuler the cmyk color 0/60/100/0 would translate in rgb 255/102/0.
      In PS i get 235/136/14 (in depends what profile i used).
      Which color conversion engine or profile use kuler? Can i get the same profile for PS or IL?
      Regards, Lars
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hello, kuler color conversions should be consistent with Illustrator CS3, since kuler is a subset of the Illustrator CS3 Live Color feature. Generally speaking, it's best to create your kuler theme in the color space you want to use.

          More on color management here. Hope this helps!