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    Display index "progress" in header

    arenol Level 1

      I'm making an index of a street atlas which is imported into InDesygn as as xml.


      What I want is to put the first and last index entry on each spread, in the upper left and the upper right header of each spread respectively. 


      This is common practice in larger alphabetical listings such as phone books, encyclopedia and atlas indices/gazeteers, and aid users more quickly find the entry they are looking for.


      Alternatively, I'd be happy if I could put the just the first letter of the first entry on each page. Say, I define the A, B,  C,...-headers as section headers and then display the current section title in the header of each spread.


      Is there a cunning way to do this automaticaly in Indesign?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Running Header variables....

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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Open the Character Panel


            Select None


            Select Create New


            Name it "First Letter" or something


            In your paragraph style for your list go to Nested Styles


            Select New Nested Style


            First Letter through 1 letter



            This will apply "First Letter" character style to your First Letter in all your paragraphs for your index.


            Note - "First Letter" has nothing defined so your text will always follow the paragraph style



            Type>Text Variables


            Running Header




            Running Head character style

            "First Letter"



            Use First on page



            Say Ok


            Insert that variable




            New Text Variable


            Running header Character Style


            "First Letter"


            Last on Page



            Insert both Running Head Character Styles