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    Replacing images and text within multiple folders


      Hi there,


      I am a total noob regarding Photoshop scripting (Java, as it needs to run on both Mac and Win) and am therefor struggling to find a solution for my project. I am not sure if what I have in mind is actually possible or how elaborate it is, but maybe there are some pro's out there that may have some advice for me …


      I was asked to simplify the workflow of a localization process. It involves exchanging text (e.g. pulled from an excel or .csv file) and an image contained within a  smart object, both located in a folder. There might be some other objects within the folders, but these do not need to be exchanged. There are 5 folders enclosed within the .psd in total, each representing a new image, that needs to be saved seperately. So in the end I have saved 5 different versions extracted from 1 file.

      As I have to do this for 15 languages in 5 different sizes (for several different projects), it can get quite tedious (not to mention VERY boring) in the long run. Anyway … 


      This would be the Photoshop layer/folder structure:





           [folder 1]

                     - Text 1

                     - SmartObject 1


           [folder 2]

                     - Text 2

                     - SmartObject 2



           [folder 5]

                     - Text 5

                     - SmartObject 5


      Background Image



      The Logo and Background image will always remain the same and do not need to be exchanged.

      The process would be as follows (all folders that are not in use should be hidden):


      [Folder 1]

      Replace Text  with Text 1 from .csv

      Replace image 1 within SmartObject 1

      Save as [Folder 1] jpg


      Hide [Folder 1]


      Display [Folder 2]

      Replace Text  with Text 2 from .csv

      Replace image 2 within SmartObject 2

      Save as [Folder 2] jpg

      Hide [Folder 2]



      Display [Folder 3]

      Replace Text  with Text 2 from .csv

      Replace image 3 within SmartObject 3

      Save as [Folder 3] jpg

      Hide [Folder 3]




      Is this doable at all, or is this just some stupid idea? Would there be other ways to approach this?

      I'd really appreciate any sort of help, as I am really stuck here