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    Premiere Elements 12: What happened to Playback Settings?

    A.T. Romano Level 7

      Cep has posted a thread today asking where are the "Playback Settings" choices that were present in Premiere Elements 11 in two places

      a. Edit Menu/Project Settings/General as a Playback Settings button


      b. The Playback Settings dialog that appeared after right clicking the Edit Mode monitor and selecting Playback Settings.



      The Playback Settings button is gone completely from the Project Settings location; whereas, the Playback Settings choice in the monitor area is still there but greyed out.


      I have confirmed Cep's results with Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 7 64 bit as well as Windows 8 64 bit (the operating system that Cep is using).

      We both have Premiere Elements 11 and Playback Settings in both locations cited are still alive and well there.


      Does anyone from Adobe or elsewhere have an explanation for this. I have not found any related information in the Premiere Elements 12 Help PDF and have explored and experimented with alternate locations for Playback Settings in version 12. No luck.


      Looking forward to follow up on this.  What am I overlooking in the search for Playback Settings?






      Add On...As one point of reference, please note Adobe's write up on "Preview on a TV Monitor"