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    Need help with a Premiere Pro Technical issue, GPU-CUDA related


      Hi everyone !


      I'm building a new 64-bit Windows PC mainly for video editing (with Premiere Pro CC). The PC is almost finished (with intel i7 cpu, 64 gb ram, ssd system drive, etc). The only thing left to buy is the graphics card(s).


      As I'm also gonna use this pc for one more dekstop task (day trading stocks and commodities) I already have 4 monitors that I really need to use with it (its motherboard has 2 GPU PCI-express slots for cards, each card supports 2 monitors, so I can use all 4 monitors at the same time, no problem there (as windows desktop extensions, maximizing the total screen real estate).


      What I need to know guys is whether I should buy TWO identical powerful CUDA GPUs (i.e. 2 x GTX780 cards, which is a bit expensive setup) or just ONE powerful (GTX780) and one "less-powerful" (like the GTX580 or the GTX470 or even a cheaper one, to keep the final cost down a bit). I mean I don't know whether Premiere Pro and its MPE (Mercury Playback Engine) will really take advantage of both GPU cards or whether one GPU should be enough ??


      Does it have to do with the monitor(s) I'll be running Premiere Pro on ? (2-3 monitors out of the 4) or not ? ... I don't know how MPE and CUDA really work, so... I mean, when I start rendering or previewing a complex sequence with lots of effects on its clips, will BOTH GPU cards do the work, or just ONE of them regardless of the second card and regardless of the extra monitors? (the main card being the one my working monitor(s) are attached to ??)... Sorry guys, I'm just a bit confused here, it's really a complex technical issue for me...


      Could somebody with the required technical knowledge help me decide ? Many thanks in advance !!