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    OSX Mavricks - Any issues with Adobe CS?

    TwitchOSX Level 1

      Just wondering if anybody has been using Mavricks at all and if there are any issues with Adobe CS at all.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It's free...why not give it a go and report back...if you can.

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            TwitchOSX Level 1

            LOL. I'm not gonna guinnea pig myself! Although, I just remembered that I have a 2nd 1T drive in our computer with 10.8 installed on it and nothing else. I should boot from that drive and install Mavricks on that and see how things go.

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It's not really a problem with Maverick. It's just when your computer isn't up-to-date with Java.


              I installed Maverick OS X 10.9 on my secondary computer this morning. As with my Mountain Lion 10.8 install, Java was auto-downloaded because it's not part of a standard install. It's needed both for CrashPlan which I use and for Adobe applications.


              I had no problem launching InDesign CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5 and CS4 after that.

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                Christine Holzmann Level 1

                Okay, well I can give a good report on this since I installed Mavericks today and am working with InDesign CC...which, as we all know, already has slowness issues. Well, last I tried to do a simple upgrade to Mavericks and was not able to do it! Seems like the Apple Gurus formatted my hard drive in a way they were *not* supposed to when I had them replace the hard drive at the end of last year, after a hard drive recall for the iMac 27"'s...grrr...THANKS Apple Gurus! So I ended up having to wipe the drive before being able to install Mavericks....then imported all my data over and it worked GREAT! (First time I have done this since I used to always prefer a clean insteall and installing everything from scratch but just did NOT have the energy or will to do it this time around! I was IMPRESSED and all worked well!


                And now on to the nitty gitty of my post....long story short, everything worked well EXCEPT for InDesign CC which was slooower than EVER. Before the upgrade, I had gotten it to a point where it was ACCEPTABLE to work in speedwise. But now every little keystroke had a HUGE lag...even selecting a tool from the toolbar would take forever. And typing or selecting text....forget it I wanted to put my head in my arms and cry my heart out. I am in the middle of some huge projects and need to get them done.

                And yes, I KNOW...I KNOW...I should NOT be doing something so risky as updating my OS when I have so much work to do. BUT I DID take all the precautions and make all necessary backups prior to doing so!! It is just in my BONES and probably in my DNA that sometimes I just cannot wait to do things like these major OS upgrades...otherwise a little inner voice will keep nagging at me...and I won't be able to concentrate on anything else until I get it done...so I just HAD to go ahead and get it done! I REAAAAALLY wanted Mavericks installed!


                And now for the GOOD NEWS! After trying everything else I could think of, I reset the ID CC prefs (which should have been the FIRST thing I did!!) by htting CMD-OPTION-CTRL-SHIFT upon starting ID CC and.....suddenly...lo and behold....WOW....suddenly everything had dramatically speeded up in InDesign! EVERYTHING! Text selection, typing, selecting tools and everything else. I have no doubt that most people who are having slowness issues with ID CC have already tried this and are still experiencing slowness issues....but this worked for me today at any rate. I will keep you posted if I experience any more issues after this.

                All I know is I am a happy camper and ID CC seems to now be working faster than it has before.


                So...that's my news:)

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                  Christine Holzmann Level 1

                  Well okay...so much for my good news. I was working along merrily when suddenly everything slowed again to an absolute crawl! This may have been after I opened Photoshop and it started hogging the memory? The memory management in Mavericks is supposed to be WAY improved however!


                  I have an iMac 27" 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 with 8GB RAM and I am definitely going tobe upping to much more RAM in my next iMac in the future, but my machine has always been a rock star and real trooper in exceptional performance with everything...up until these issues I am having with ID CC. I work with a LOT of applications so am always checking my available memory anyway (via Activity Monitor) and usually close apps that are not in use when I find my memory is starting to run low. Of course, trying to gauge available memory is more difficult now in Mavericks...in the new Activity Monitor, so I am still trying to figure out exactly how that works.


                  I did close Photoshop (altho' I really need it OPEN as I need to work with it, along with InDesign!) but no improvement:( I completely disabled transparency, disabled antialias text, STILL no improvement! SO I closed ID CC and reset the prefs once again and now everything is back to normal.

                  AAArrrgghhh!! Punching bag time.

                  Yes, I am GLAD that solved the issue but am I going to have to reset the prefs every few hours?


                  Anyway, just sharing this with you...perhaps we can all solve these issues together...step by step:)


                  **LATER UPDATE**

                  I have had Photoshop (and several other apps) open now for quite a while and InDesign is still purring across nicely. I ownder what on earth caused the slowdown earlier!

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                    Was DYP Level 3

                    The memory management in Mavericks is supposed to be WAY improved however!


                    People are reporting lot of Free RAM in Mavericks. Lot of RAM not being utilitized, how is that an improvement?


                    Maybe just the way Activity Monitor reports it. Difference in Free verses Inactive maybe?


                    I have to test 10.9 when I have time and also test some Adobe bugs on a clean install.

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                      InDesign 8.0.2 seems to work well with Mavericks on my 2010 Mac Mini. However, startup, which was very slow before, is now extremely slow. Also, I have tried to quit InDesign twice and, both times, InDesign has frozen and I have had to force quit the application.


                      OTOH, most other programs seem to run a good deal faster on Mavericks than they did on OS 10.4.8. Avoid the new Pages, BTW; Apple has castrated the program.


                      So, be very careful when you upgrade to Mavericks and, BTW, you MUST do a "repair permissions" and run Disk Warrior after the upgrade; there are problems else <sad sighs>.

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                        Christine Holzmann Level 1

                        InDesign 8.0.2 (CS6) works like a charm on Mavericks, just as it did before in earlier OS's:)


                        I think the issues with ID CC are still related to transparency...

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                          Having the same lagging and slow down issue with Indesign CC. So far Photoshop and Illustrator are working fine. Creative Cloud connection has been dropping out from time to time which has caused some crashes due to font then no longer working.


                          With regards to the Indesign problem - trashing the prefs as detailed by Ciellana worked for me. Problem hasn't returned yet but time will tell...

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                            Christine Holzmann Level 1

                            I am starting to wonder if it is every time when Time Machine kicks in that things go downhill with InDesign. It can't just be a coincidence that the slowdown seems to happens when there is a lot of hard drive background activity going on once Time Machine starts up. The problem is that once Time Machine is DONE with the backup, InDesign is STILL slow and doesn't revert back to full speed.

                            I have to trash/reset the prefs again!


                            I have now reset/trashed the prefs once more (after another huge slowdown) and have disabled Time Machine (will turn it back on this evening) so that I can test this theory....

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                              TwitchOSX Level 1

                              So.... the issues with Adobe software and Mavricks is CC related right? I'm running CS 5.5.

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                                Pickory Level 3

                                Hello Ceillana,


                                You could try and exclude the preference folders from TimeMachine backup.




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                                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                  Or you could run your backup at 3:00 AM