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    How to Export Multiple Compositions Into Multiple Folders With Metadata?


      Currently I am working on a project which requires the export of one video file into multiple sizes and formats. In the end there are 80+ separate video files which derive from basic groupings of ratios. As you can see by the attached pictures, I have set up a waterfall type procedure in which a master composition with safe margins is inserted into the various sub-ratios until it trickles down into the final sizes at the bottom.




      I know you can simply drag and drop the files from After Effects into Media Encoder after selecting a preset to export the items. My only issue is how can I export the 80+ video files into 80+ different folders (depending on the size/ratio) along with the proper metadata?


      So my thought became is there a way to automate the process by allowing me to create on video, and much like the watch folder, export the one master video and then let Media Encoder work its magic with the 80+ other videos?


      Thanks in advance.