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    Creative Cloud Font going Crazy


      I downloaded the Futura PT font from the Creative Cloud site. As can be seen in the link below, I had just made a simple title with the first line using the Heavy weight and the rest using the Book weight. Today when I sat down to my Mac and opened the After Effects project, it said the font was missing. I then noticed that the Creative Cloud icon was missing from my desktop. I closed AE, opening up CC, reopened AE and the font was there again. The AE sequence was part of a Premier Pro project using Dynamic Linking, but my problem occured in AE as well. For some reason a couple of the frames at two differnt places revert back to Myriad Pro, which I think is the default font. I couldn't figure out why. Nothing I tried would make it stick. I eventually just remade the comp from scratch, and it is working fine now.


      Here is what it looks like http://youtu.be/D_dHp6bYiF0