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    RoboInfo to RoboHelp 7

      I have been using RoboInfo Pro 5.0, RoboEngine v4.0 for 2 years, as a documentation tool to publish our PAID system documentation on our web site. Roboinfo was discountinued as a stand alone product by our Procurement dept and they purchased Adobe 4 RoboHelp Office 7.0 WIN . My questions is, can Robohelp be used as a documentation tool like RoboInfo and can I upgrade my documentation from RoboInfo to the RoboHelp version that was just purchased?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Richard Wright

          Absolutely RoboHelp should handle this fine. Actually, as I understand it, RoboInfo was just a "simplified" version of RoboHelp. Targeted to a market of folks that didn't need some of the more whiz bang features of the full RoboHelp product.

          Upgrading your existing documents should be as simple as opening the project in RoboHelp 7. It's been my experience that things should go well. But it never hurts to ensure you have a backup in place before you begin.

          Cheers... Rick
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            hughbetcha Level 1
            We have upgraded our RoboInfo 5 to RoboHelp 7 (and RoboHelp Server). I'm having some issues publishing RoboHelp projects. Getting "Cannot retreive page from server" or "Connection Failed...Native error....". Not sure if the server settings are not configured properly, but I'm sure I read somewhere that there are issues with having both RoboInfo and RoboHelp installed on the same machine?? I'm still using RoboInfo to publish to a different server, until RoboHelp is working properly and will then remove RoboInfo. Any help would be appreciated :)