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    CF10 and Drag and Drop


      Does CF10 support HTML5 drag and drop? 


      Specifically, I've seen sites where you can drag/drop elements from one listbox to another.  Can this be emulated/done in CF10? 



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          tribule Level 2

          Not to my knowledge, you need client-side JavaScript, perhaps using a library like jQuery (which does D&D).

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            Aegis Kleais Level 3

            I'm with tribute on this one.


            Drag and drop is not a server-side function.  The server handles a request and then returns data to the user.  It can dynamically generate the content presented to the user, but then if the user is going to perform any action without sending more data to the server, ColdFusion has no part in it.


            jQuery is a JavaScript framework that allows for DOM manipulation, a feature of which would include drag & drop.