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    Generated text captions say "scroller area"


      When I record a simulation in training mode, it inserts the captions, highlights and click boxes whenever I click something, but in most cases is unable to read the labels and every caption says "Click the  scroller area" instead of the name of the link or button.


      So I am wondering what Captivate uses to determine the labels for those captions. I'm recording a web application, so if there is something I can tell our developers to add (such as alt text or title tags) I'd love to know that. Or is it something in my settings?


      For reference:


      Captivate 7

      Mac OSX 10.8.5

      Google Chrome




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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How Captivate detects thenames of objects being captured is often a bit mysterious and seems to differ with each application or website.


          Windows-based apps seem to follow some kind of standard that Captivate understands reasonably well.  But once you start capturing other more exotic types of software, and web apps in particular, then all bets are off.


          There is a file in the Captivate install directory with RDL file ending that contains the definitions for various types of objects and this file stipulates what Captivate will say about them in the caption text.  You can change this RDL file to suit your own requirements.  It's really just a text file.  But always keep an unedited backup copy in case you screw up.


          If you want 300 more troubleshooting tips for Cp, you'll need to read the book: