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    How can I use a ranged comment marker to quickly define in and out range?

    JM Wiese Level 1



      I'm using several parts of a single clip, and they have overlapping in and out points. As I'll need to go back and grab them multiple times, I've defined these ranges by using a comment marker, then giving them a range by setting the in and out point in the marker panel.


      What I want to do is using this defined comment marker range, right click/double click/clap twice or something that will allow a shortcut to set this marker range as an in and out range so that I can put it into my sequence's timeline.


      I'm happy if I can skip the in and out all together and drag the marker to the timeline - but I tried this from the Marker panel, and it didn't work.


      If this functionality doesn't exist, I'm going to have to just set a marker for every in and out point, and that's just busywork and confusing as it's not clear what's the in and the out when your'e in the middle of all the markers.


      Thanks for any and all help