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    Organize Imports & Auto Importing/Class Lookup

      I've been working with Flex Builder 3 now for over a month. I love many of its features. It does so much for me in building AIR/ActionScript/Flex apps that there really is no other option. However, the "organize imports" function just doesn't work well. The only time it works is when declaring a new variable. If you are lucky enough to type perfectly, it very nicely adds imports to any class it finds. However, if you so much as mistype a letter, back up and type the class name correctly, you lose your automatic import. If you correctly type your class name and variable definition and think, "hey, I can go to the menu and choose Organize Imports," sadly, you are mistaken. Organize Imports does nothing. Sometimes it removes class imports that belong to code you've temporarily commented out, but it never pulls anything in. Further, if you access a static function from a class, that is, you are not declaring a variable, but simply calling a class function, no import at all occurs. Organize Imports doesn't work. You must go and type in the import yourself. It does try to help you at this point,but if you don't remember the exact place in the package structure, you must go to the docs to figure out where it is, type it in, and then you get function introspection. I love what Flex Builder does for me, but this is just lame. I used FDT for a while to see if that tool would work for me, but, sadly, it doesn't. It just doesn't give you all the power that Flex Builder does. But, I never have to type in my imports! Their class helper functions work great. I can type in a class, misspell it, retype it, and it catches the class. When I choose Organize Imports, it works just all the other Eclipse language plug-ins work. Why is this? Why am I expected to pay top dollars for a product that is broken in one of the simplest ways? Does anyone have any take on this? I can't be the only frustrated one... Thanks. Sorry for a pure rant, but I just needed to vent and wanted to know if Adobe plans to fix this obvious failing... Or if everyone just expects this to continue this way and accepts it.