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    Removing Collaborators for Security Reasons

    Pebblesculpt Level 1

      So the question is... is there a way to blanket remove a collaborator from all the forms? It would be good to have a way to bulk add/remove collaborators in any case. Perhaps each known email could be show with a list - Form and Tick Box - so that you can add and remove them from many forms at once.


      The bacground to this is... I've got 45 forms on the go and each has a handful of collaborators specified.


      Recently  one of the members of staff who is among the collaborators left their  employment and no-longer has responsibility for working on the form. I'm  about to remove their name from the forms in which they are involved  and reslised that I don't know, without opening and checking every form,  which forms they are listed as a collaborator.


      Their  old work email will eventually become obsolete but I don't think that it  has to be valid for them to continue accessing forms using their Adobe  ID.