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    Placing images from Bridge CC breaks Indesign Doc

    coreywaldin Level 1

      This seems to be intermittent but it's occuring only when I place images from Bridge to an InDesign document.


      I've experienced this bug before with InDesign but now it seems to happen more often when I drag an image from Bridge to an InDesign doc.


      After doing this I'm unable to Save the document or undo/redo anything. I know others have experienced this same bug. The only way I was able to fix the document was to close InDesign (and lose any unsaved changes) and then reopen the document. Then I create a new document and move all of the pages of my document to the new doc and resave it. This seems to stop the problem from happening.


      This is a serious bug: a) It's hard to pin down what causes it but it seems to be permission related to the document b) there is NO way to recover your unsaved changes, you can't copy your objects to a new document and save it as once the program breaks you can't save ANYTHING.


      Has anyone had success permanantly fixing this? Or run into it at all?