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    Replacing the Acrobat logo in digital signatures

    Kok-Yong Tan Level 1

      I am using Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10.1.8 on a Macintosh.  When I create a digital signature, there is a checkbox option in the "Configure Signature Appearance" window (under Acrobat->Preferences->Security->Digital Signatures) which, when checked, displays the Acrobat logo in my digital signatures.  Is there a way I can replace that logo with my corporate logo, made suitably transparent in a PDF like I have for a scanned version of my wet-ink signature?  In this way, I can create various versions of my signature for personal use (with just my transparent scanned wet-ink signature) and corporate use (with both my transparent scanned wet-ink signature on the left and my transparent scanned corporate logo on the right and other information like reason for signature, location, contact email, etc.).  After all, since the document is a PDF, it's already obvious it's Adobe Acrobat.  What isn't obvious is who signed it and who the signer is affiliated with (i.e., me and my company, not Adobe).