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    smartfilter glass unwanted tiling


      CS5. Vista 64. I'm trying to use smart filter->glass with self generated displacement maps of various sizes (1000x1000 mostly; also 1000x2000). Image size generally 5184x3456. Sometimes the filter reverses at the tiling boundary, and/or looks inverted, regardless of that setting. This example doesn't show the tiling as occurred on some non-smart mappings, but it does show similar errors, which appear to have to do with the size on the displacement map. I did select the full layer contents prior to application..Other smart glass filters do no tile as far as I can tell. Tips much appreciated.displace map smart filter failure-2.JPG

      This is similar to what I'm looking to do, but this was not done with a smart filter:

      IMG_7338-LR5_ dev_1-psd copy-2-450.JPG


      Here I scaled the displacement map up to match the size of the image. The horizontal area error is gone, but there is still discernable tiling, and the need to match

      image sizes is not 'smart.'


      IMG_6685-LR5_ dev_1-psd copy-1 copy-1-450.JPG