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    losing contrast on export premiere pro CC


      hey everyone! im pretty new to video editing. i have been using premiere pro CC on a pc.  i have not had any issues until i had to reinstall premiere pro on a new compter (kept the same monitor) the problem that i am having is that everything looks great while editing in the program, but no matter how i export, i am losing quite a bit of contrast and its causing some weird colors in the shadows.  i have tried it on multiple media players at 720 and 1080 exports (H.264) i have also tried viewing it on my TV and same result...loss of contrast. the video on the top RIGHT is how it looks in premiere and the video on the LEFT is how it looks exported. i have tried about 25 different export cominations and they all look exactly the same.  so next i tried just importing the original video, then exporting it without making any changes (no effects or filter etc.) and the result is a lot less contrast. like i said, im still pretty new but i dont know if im missing a setting somewhere or something? thanks


      Screenshot (1).png