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    Grep for removing extra paragraph returns?

    dunaz Level 1

      Hey all you smart people out there. Can I use GREP to remove extra paragraph returns? I'm working on basically a directory, pages and pages of names, addresses, and phone numbers imported from a Word doc. Each line has a style applied,with the first line of each listing being a different style than the others, and a hard paragraph return at the end of each line. There is an extra paragraph return in between each listing. Once I get the styles applied, will GREP allow me to search for the first style in each listing and remove the extra paragraph return in front of it?


      Here's a screen shot. The listings at the top are already formatted, the bottom ones haven't been formatted yet. Basically, I import and apply the style that's most used, and then go in and change the gray bars, and the name/phone. So, I do have to go through the whole thing, but it would still be less clicks overall if I could format everything and then have GREP do the rest.


      Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 6.54.30 PM.png



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          There's a pre-built find/change query in the drop down that removes extra returns.

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            dunaz Level 1

            Hi Peter. Yes, that works quite effectively. But, is there a way to remove only the extra paragraph returns before a particular paragraph style? I need the extra return before the gray bars. (well, I guess I could change the gray bar style to have space above the bar instead of the return.)

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              Yes, take out that extra return before the “gray bar” style and add extra space to the style. Less returns the better and it looks more professional in my opinion.

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                dunaz Level 1

                And, by "effective" I mean that it removes all the paragraph returns, not just the ones I don't want. Obviously I'm not doing something right.

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                  John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Choose "Multiple Return to Single Return" from the Query: menu at the top of the Find/Change dialog.

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                    dunaz Level 1

                    Thanks, John, I'll try that. There are a few more (larger) sections coming that will need cleaning up.


                    I've been doing this project annually for a few years now, need to get better organized with InDe's automation features, which I know will make my life much easier.


                    Sometimes I do some of the cleanup in Word, simple find/changes for double spaces and the like. Their styles are never my styles so I always strip out the Word styles when I place the text, rather than try to match them up on import. Often, the listings come in with a return instead of a tab, grrr. So, the name listing, when it's formatted in InDe, is the person's name/space/right-tab with leader dots/space/phone number (a lot like the White Pages). But in the Word doc, each item is a separate line, and sometimes I have to put everything in the right order so that when I get it into InDe at least all I have to do is delete a paragraph return and then apply a style to the line.


                    I only do one of these a year, so it's not worth it to invest in expensive scripts or extensions. That said, I do need to take better advantage of the built-in features. I'll have to look on Lynda.com for tutorials--I'm sure there are some there.