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    Going from PSE 10 to CS6


      I'm upgrading from PSE 10 to CS6. How do I transfer photos from Organizer to CS6 Bridge? Or do I continue to use Organizer and will Bridge recognize it?


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          Curt Y Level 7

          This from an older post, but believe it addresses your issue.


          "I'm not sure you really understand the difference between Bridge and Organizer, which may or may not matter one way or the other. Bridge is a browser, not an asset management program, so it doesn't have a catalog. It just shows the files in the folder to which you point it. There are no version sets or albums in bridge, although you can make collections. The only way to get  your current collections out of organizer would be to make tags for them and write them to the files, then reassemble the collections in bridge by keyword searching.


          The upside to a program like bridge is that it doesn't care where or how you move your files around. You can do whatever you want when bridge isn't running and it won't complain that it can't find things anymore."