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    How do I change the quit indesign keyboard shortcut? (indesign CC, mac)

    ashley szukalski

      Now this seems like it should be a simple task, right? Head up to the edit menu and click on keyboard shortcuts, find the quit app shortcut and change it to what I need. Why bother changing it you ask? Well for some reason out of the blue, my indesign quits everytime I try to select all (cmd+a) and completely ignores the usual cmd+q shortcut despite it saying in the top menu that that is what the shortcut is set to. So after quitting indesign several times thinking it was crashing I then realised I was closing the app myself but through a keyboard shortcut that I never set up so I need to change it back. But here's the thing, I cant find the quit indesign shortcut setting anywhere in indesign CC. As it was no where to be found I thought perhaps I could rectify this by restoring my inDesign default settings... Nope, no good. So I need some help.


      Thanks in advance.