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    Trouble adding epub and pdf files to Kobo Glo


      Hi there,


      I've recently downloaded some epub and pdf ebooks that I want to add to my kobo glo.  I'm using a macbook pro computer with OS 10.7.  I've searched online forums that tell me that I can just drag and drop pdf and epub files on to the KOBOereader that pops up in my devices.  I have done this and ejected the kobo but when I power it up these ebooks are apparently no where on the device.  I then followed the instructions on how to add ebooks using ADE 2.0.  I authorized my computer to read adobe DRM files under the same email that I set up my kobo with.  I plugged in my kobo glo and clicked on connect and the device is recognized in ADE.  I authorized the device and drag-and-dropped the files on to the ereader.  They apparently transferred over fine and when I open the device in my finder window  I see the digital editions folder that contains the files.  I eject the device and power up but the files stll do not appear in my library on the ereader.  The only files that appear are the ones that I have bought from the Kobo desktop store and loaded on to it through the Kobo desktop app.  I also want to note that I do not see the ebooks that I have purchased from kobo on the device when I click on it in ADE.  Any help as to fixing my problem is greatly appreciated.