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    Copying or duplicating a movieclip symbol

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      I ran into a problem, I have a movieclip symbol which is on the maintimeline in a scene. In the next scene I need the exact same elelments in the previous movieclip but in this scene I need to animate the location back anfd forth.


      I figured I would copy the mc and rename then rename the elements that made the clip.

      No good as it changes the names elements from the orignal mc.


      Then I tried to duplicate the mc and when I tried to rename the elements inside I get the same problem.


      Just dso I'm clear here is a for instance:


      original mc is called handOne, inside that clip is an image of a hand  on one line and a blinking number looping on another line.


      this clip is stationary in the scene on the main timeline.




      I need the same exact clip in the next scene but this time it needs to move across the stage.


      Any help?



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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you want another instance of the symbol it will get another name since you need a different ID for 2 elements in the DOM.

          But if you want to duplicate the symbol to make another one slighlty different, then you duplicate in the library - not the elements panel.

          If you have 2 instances of the same symbol you should be able to make them do different things without affecting the first instance.

          When a symbol is played entirtely you need to reset it to the beginning if you want to use it again unless it is a looping symbol. you reset with stop(0);

          Since I am not sure what you are doing, I am not sure how to advise you but I hope this helps.

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