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    Why does it say "Debug SWF"?


      Hi all,


      I'm working with Flash Builder 4.7 and I want to test my app with Scout. I know that there is a big difference between Debug and Relese so I "Export release build" and run it on my Android device. The strange thing is that when I go over the data in Scout I get the unhappy face telling me that this is a Debug SWF.

      I distinctly remember that when I started working with Scout it worked OK and when I used "Export release build" it would identify it.

      Since then I upgraded to the latest version of AIR 3.9 Beta, could this be the cause of this problem?

      Is there somewhere in Flash Builder I can configure this?



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          Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

          Flash Player tells Scout whether or not it's running a debug swf, based on the presence of the EnableDebugger swf tag. It's possible that something has changed in the latest version of AIR, and that it's reporting it incorrectly, but I'd suspect that your swf does have this tag (you can always check by extracting your swf from the packaged app, and looking at it with SWFInvestigator).


          Having said that, if you've followed the correct steps for exporting a release build, and you haven't enabled debugging from Flash Builder, this is probably nothing to worry about. It's possible that Flash Builder is compiling your release swf correctly, but still including the EnableDebugger tag for some reason... hence Scout would be complaining when there isn't really a problem. If you're getting good performance anyway, then I wouldn't lose any sleep over it :-)

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            --udi-- Level 1

            Hi Michael, thanks for your reply.

            After doing some more checks I think that an ANE that I added caused the problem, does this make sense?

            I did check the swf with SWFInvestigator and EnableDebugger wasn't there.

            My main concern is that I don't get the full performance I can due to my app being compiled in debug mode instead of release but from what I gather it doesn't seem to be the case.