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    Field that is not visible in my editing screen but showing in web preview. How to remove it?

    Sax admin

      Hi Support,


      When I preview my form in web preview, I am seeing a field that is not visible in my editing screen. It starts at the left margin of the web preview and runs off the edge of the right side of the page.


      The form is also crashing when I attempt 'page view' or 'save as pdf' and I believe this phantom field is the culprit. I have spent considerable time on the form and do not want to recreate from scratch.

      Can you please advise how I can make this field visible in the editing section so that I can permanently delete it?


      Further information:

      I do not have any rules set for any of my fields

      I have tried to remove it in Chrome, IE and Firefox

      My cache has been cleared today

      My plug-ins and flash player are all current versions (updated today and performed a restart)