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    Sound files and codes for newbie


      I am using edge animate tool without going much into programming details. So far I have been able to achieve my goals but my next step is adding sounds and I am very much confused where to save soundfiles and where to add code that is referenced in edge commons.



      Project Specs: I am creating an animation and using it's OAM file to upload to wordpress. Frankly I never even checked what all the other files are in the project folder. But I found online that edgeCommons Sound sis best suited if I am using EDGE SUITE


      Confusions: I have my audio files and converted them to mp3 and ogg versions. What do I do next?


      WHere exactly do I save song1.mp3 and song1.ogg? Is there a specific folder I need to create and where?



      Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 12.23.32 AM.png

      It appears after finding the right place to store my sound files, I need to add the code under "Load Sounds" some place. Where should that be? And is media/ suppose to be the folder I create to store sound files?


      Yes, I am very confused because I was not expecting any coding so far. And something tells me that I need to add some more code somewhere that tells the system that I am using edge commons. like some yepnote commands. Edge Commons docs are not for newbie at all.



      I would really appreciate if someone can guide me step by step assuming I only have a simple animation without any code that links to edge commons yet. and I want a song (say song1.mp3) to play when button1 is pressed.