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    PDF without extensive data "Document Overhead"

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      How do I create in Indd a PDF without additional data "Document Overhead"? These data are very comprehensive and greatly increase the file size (68 MB)


      I use the PDF sets to create the file:



          [Based on 'Adobe PDF 1.7 Arch 96 ppi'] [Based on '[PDF/X-4:2008]'] Use these settings to create Adobe PDF documents that are to be checked or must conform to PDF/X-4:2008, an ISO standard for graphic content exchange.  For more information on creating PDF/X-4 compliant PDF documents, please refer to the Acrobat User Guide.  Created PDF documents can be opened with Acrobat and Adobe Reader 5.0 and later.


      PDF Preset: Adobe PDF 1.7 Arch 96 ppi


      Compatibility: Acrobat 8/9 (PDF 1.7)


      Standards Compliance: None



          Pages: All

          Spreads: Off

          Generate Thumbnails: Off

          Optimise PDF: On

          Create Acrobat Layers: Off

          Export Layers: Visible and Printable Layers

          Include Bookmarks: On

          Include Hyperlinks: On

          Export Nonprinting Objects: Off

          Export Visible Guides and Baseline Grids: Off

          Create Tagged PDF: Off

          Interactive Elements: Do Not Include




          Colour Images

              Bicubic Downsample at: 96 ppi

              for images above: 96 ppi

              Compression: JPEG

              Tile Size: N/A

              Quality: High


          Greyscale Images

              Bicubic Downsample at: 96 ppi

              for images above: 96 ppi

              Compression: JPEG

              Tile Size: N/A

              Quality: High


          Monochrome Images

              Bicubic Downsample at: 600 ppi

              for images above: 600 ppi

              Compression: CCITT Group 4


          Compress Text and Line Art: On

          Crop Image Data to Frames: On


      Marks and Bleeds

          Crop Marks: Off

          Bleed Marks: Off

          Registration Marks: Off

          Colour Bars: Off

          Page Information: Off

          Page Mark Type: Default

          Weight: 0.25 pt

          Offset: 2.117 mm

          Use Document Bleed Settings: Off

          Bleed Top: 0 mm

          Bleed Bottom: 0 mm

          Bleed Inside: 0 mm

          Bleed Outside: 0 mm

          Include Slug Area: Off



          Colour Conversion: Convert to Destination

          Destination: eciRGB v2

          Profile Inclusion Policy: Don't Include Profiles


          Simulate Overprint: N/A

          Output Intent Profile Name: N/A

          Output Condition: N/A

          Output Condition Identifier: N/A

          Registry Name: N/A



          Subset Fonts Below: 100%

          Omit PDF: Off

          Omit EPS: Off

          Omit Bitmap Images: Off

          Transparency Flattener Preset: N/A

          Ignore Spread Overrides: N/A









      PDF 68 MB:

      Acrobat-PDF audit space.png


      In Adobe Acrobat Pro I can get rid of these data by optimization of the document and reduces the file to size 16 MB!?


      Acrobat-PDF audit space-sets-optimize.jpg

      After optimize PDF in Acrobat PDF 16 MB!

      Acrobat-PDF audit space-after optimize.jpg

      How to create a PDF straight from the indd? Which settings are responsible for these?