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    Recent Themes

    eschelar Level 1

      Would be great if we could have a log of 3-5 recently loaded themes in the empty space to the right of the color wheel and below the 'Create from Image' icon.


      I've known about Kuler for a while, but hadn't really used it until I needed to create 3 websites and a webshop in 3 hours. Kuler is so handy for this, it blows my mind.


      I loaded one preset from the library and made one of my own from a banner image. I bounced around between these two and variations from them using different base colors, but every time I wanted to start from a different base color from the original, I had to go right back to My Themes and load it back up.


      Being able to bounce around from color to color is ridiculously powerful, but having to go back to a separate page, even when working with just 1-2 base themes is really fiddly. Yeah, it's fast, but how much better could it be if you could load up the theme you were just using just by clicking the recent theme.


      I've included a quick mockup of what it could possibly look like. (although the themes don't match the colors in the palette I have showing, I got there by bouncing from different base colors). Theoretically, a single click would bring me back to that default.