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    Extendscript toolkit (ESTK) doesn't seem to respond after I launch After Effects.


      When I start after effects from the ESTK interface, or start ESTK from After Effects, or start them

      separately, the ESTK stops responding. By "stops responding" I don't mean getting a "Not responding" message.



      What happens is it doesn't seem to execute any command. It doens't want to run any script, or open a file etc.

      Howerver the UI responds, i can acces dropdown menus, type in something in the script window.. but that is all.



      I don't get this problem with any other appilcation from the "Adobe Production Premium CS6" suite.




      Executing a script with:


      #target aftereffects


      added at the begining works once. Then it's the same and you can't stop the execution of the script.