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    Rendering file with working trackmarks/ burning DVD size of 400x 160

    Kalle Ståhlberg



      I´v got few interesting challenges here!


      I have project with Premier witch need to be rendered out as a file (example .mov) the file must contain working trackmarks and be played in Quicktime, Vlc ect.


      I made trackmarks in Premier, rendered it out as .mov (have tried export other file formats also) but with out working results.

      In some file formats Premier exports seperate xml (ect) files for trackmarks, but i need them to be integrated in a file.

      I tried to import rendered .mov file to Ae (witch recognizes the marks), and then render it out again as .mov file (with noticed settings for marks).

      The result is that Vlc and other mediaplayers indentifys the trackmarks but when i select some track the file pops content allways to a first track.


      I might have wrong rendering settings?:)


      Other challenge is that in this production for a picture technology customer uses a led-video tech (P10) which have resolution of 400x 160.

      Our customer requires also a DVD as a back up if something goes wrong in a show.

      I have really hard time to make a proper DVD with this resolution.

      I noticed that making a DVD with this reso is not even possible-

      i got to create 720x 576 (dvd minimum?) and set the 400x 160 content in the middle of stage, export media and then burn the DVD in Encore.


      The DVD works good, but i cannot scale the DVD window to fit led- videowall mediaplayer reader (and Vlc which accepts scaling wont recognize the Dvd:)


      What other ways there there are?