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    Title changes not reflected


      Hi everybody,

      I am experiencing a strange problem with Premoere Pro (CS 6). I have a project with several sequences and quite a few subtitles. Now I am trying to change some of the subtitles, i.e. by copying parts of a title item from one title to another, or changing text within a title. These changes are shown in the title editor, but are not or only randomly reflected in the program monitor. I'd appreciate any help with solving this issue.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Be sure the CTI is placed over the correct title when viewing in the Program Monitor.

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            Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

            If the playhead is over the correct title, then you're likely encountering a known issue where certain edits do not get rendered to the Program Monitor. For instance, if you open an existing title, set the cursor in an existing text block, and type several characters, the Program Mon typically will not dynamically show the new characters. Among actions that force it to refresh are backspacing, hitting End, and adding a hard return.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              See, that's why Adobe employees contributing is a good idea.  I doubt us mere users would ever have known that.  Thanks Mark.

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                machi Level 1

                Dear Jim, dear Mark, Thank you both for your responses. I'll definitely pay attention to these things in the future. However, initially, the problem occured when I copied a textbox from one title into another title. This change was neither reflected in the Program Mon, nor in the title itself. I'm sure I opened the right title, but upon saving and reopening the project, everything was just gone. This happened a couple of times. Other times, only some of the changes were reflected but could not be undone any more, and I had to quit and reopen the project without saving. Anyway, if there is no other explanation, I'll make sure to be careful with your suggestions in mind and see what happens!

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                  machi Level 1

                  Sorry, me again. It is driving me crazy. Is there any other reason why changes in the title ed. would not be reflected in the respective sequence, and are neither saved? I attached two screenshots, one from the title ed. and one from the same moment in the sequence. As you can see, the lower left "Chapter 5..." is not visible in the prog mon, and when I save, close the project and open it again, this change is gone and I get the old version in the title editor again, without the "chapter ..." in it.


                  Any other ideas?


                  title ed.jpgprog mon.jpg

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    Glitchy title maybe.  Copy/paste to a new one.

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                      Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                      Maybe you need to stretch the text area box down a bit farther? You are past the safe action line, perhaps the program has decided to shorten the text area box? It shouldn't but it could not hurt to try.