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    How do I print a book to a "High Quality Print" pdf, not an interactive pdf?


      I recently jumped into InDesign CC from Indesign 6.0, and now when I go to "Export Book to PDF" from the Books panel, it opens the "export to Interactive PDF" dialog. I can't select any PDF setups from this dialog, such as "High Quality Print" or "Smallest File Size" -- the limited options found in this dialog lead me to believe that I don't have all the options I once had. So how do I print a book (comprised of 150 independant files) to a High Quality Print PDF, and tweak those settings? Has this option now been removed from InDesign CC?


      Thanks in advance for any helpful responses. This is very frustrating.


      Nevermind, I think I got it. - In the "Save As" dialog, select the "Save As: Print .pdf" instead of "Save As: Interactive PDF" -- I highly recommend that the folks at Adobe use the Print Save as the default, not the "Interactive PDF." This seems like another "push" toward epub books. Stupid if you ask me.