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    Lost of audio track (Pro CC 7.0.0)


      Screenshot (133).png



         Thing happens in this way. One day, I re-open my project to have further editing, footages lost because I've changed the project name and place it in other folder, then, I relocated the footages (Don't know whether the happened related to the lost of footages). And when I done, I play the video, it works properly with sound (despite one part of it lost), but I found audio track 1 is lost, just like what I showed you in the picture with a red arrow pointing there. I got mad. So, may I ask, where can I find the 'A1' bar again?

         Thanks for answering.



      P.S. I guessed the sound was mixed with the picture originally, but finally found the track is actually funtioned without displaying in the timeline, I found this by putting one of the shots into the resource monitor and played it, it has no sound.