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    Is it possible to "convert" a PPT/Presenter file to Captivate and retain the audio, video, etc.?


      Hi - I'm wondering if someone has done this or can recommend the best way to do this.


      We have a PPT/Presenter file that was created using PPT 2010 and Presenter 9. We recorded audio for the training right in Presenter and have also imported videos into the file using Presenter.


      We need to output the file to DVD to actually play on a DVD player. We know we can do that with Captivate (we are using Captivate 5) and are wondering if there is a way to take our file (the package so to speak) and get that to open in Captivate and retain all of the pieces that we have added to it (audio, video, hyperlinks).


      Or, alternatively, if there is a way to publish our Presenter file to DVD format, that would work for us too.


      Thank you for any information or suggestions!