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    I/O Point Extra Frame

    Shane P Level 3



      Whenever the Out point is set PP always adds an extra frame. Whether I am using I/O points to set a range in the sequence to add media from the Source Monitor or something as simple as setting a export range for a sequence PP always adds an extra frame. In the attached pics below I am adding in 2 seconds of black video from the source window into a set I/O range in the timeline.


      In pic 1 I have set the In Point. In Pic 2 I have hit the down arrow key to snap to the next edit point, then I set the Out Point. As you can see it is grabbing an extra frame beyond the CTI. If I leave it as is the black video it will overwrite 1 frame from the next clip. In pic 3, after snapping to the edit point I have to go back one frame then set the Out Point so it is where it should be.


      I have tried this with different types of footage and it does the same thing for all media I have tried.


      This has been doing this for a long time. Does anyone else find this irritating or do I not have a setting set right somewhere?


      PP CC 7.0.1

      Win 7 Pro 64