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    Missing Audio on Clips

    jjjhixon Level 1

      I am one of the users who has a GH3, and I lose the last second or so of my audio in alost every clip.  This *only* happens in PP CC.  This does NOT happen in PP 6.0.  I will open a new thread, but, I do notice that a couple other users also have this specific problem.  It is quite annoying, but, I've just been "living with it".  I'll always keep the camera running for a few seconds longer than needed.  But, why should I have to do this?


      And, Jim.  You've given great advice for many years on this forum, and it is appreicated.  But, I own only one camera, the GH3.  Its clips work 100% fine in PP 6.0, but the last few seconds of audio gets "muted" in PP CC.  I agree that it may be specific to the GH3, and maybe to my GH3, or my video card or what have, but I have heard other GH3 users describe the same problem in PP CC, so...it isn't JUST my camera.  You seem to be saying "there's something wrong with your camera, you can'e expect Adobe to fix issues they don't own".  But, if that was the case, why are there no issues in PP 6.0


      And, it isn't like there aren't alternatives to PP.  I'm tempted to download Resolve 10 Lite (which as I understand it, is free, and now has a rudimentary 'timeline'.  Surely no replacement for PP but, I wonder how the clips with the 'muted' last seconds would fare in Resolve?


      Anyway, off topic.  I'll start a new thread and upload a couple small GH3 clips.  Hopefully they will be 'small enough'?  I typically capture at 24p 50Mbs, so, the files get large quickly.  Here's a couple bitmaps of three short clips with the last seconds or so of the audio "muted" by PP.   These were just some of the shortest clips that I could find in a recent project.







      But, the raw MOV files directly from the GH3 are 40 Mb, 36 Mb, and 25Mb.  How can I upload such large clips?  This forum says the limit on images in 2 MB?


      Since I don't see how to upload these video clips (straight from the GH3) I'm not going to bother starting a new thread.