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    Adobe Revel Clear Cache on iPhone iOS 7


      I've been trying to upload the photos from my iPhone to Revel, but I keep running out of space on my iPhone 4S. The app is taking up 6.8 GBs on my photo, and it continues to go up when I upload photos from my iPhone.  I attempted to use the "Clear Cache" option but it does not affect the amount of space being used by Revel.  I have also deleted the app and redownloaded it, and while it does free up the space, Revel redownloads every image again to my phone while it starts to sync again, eventually taking up the reamining space again and stopping me from uploading the rest of my photos.


      I'd really like to be able to figure out a way to restrict Revel from taking up so much space on my phones hard drive, as the whole point of using this service was to save space on my phone while also having access to all my photos from any device.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          Are you still in the upload process? Full sized versions of the files that you requested to upload will not be deleted until they have completed uploading. Once all of your photos are uploaded, you can clear the cache and should reclaim the space that the full sized files used while uploading. The app and  thumbnails will remain and continue to use space (these are small files), but the full sized files and large preview files will be deleted. If your space goes below 500 MB free space, the cache will clear automatically.



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            mikenyc Level 1

            Hi Pattie! Thanks for the information and quick response! So basically, when I set Revel to Auto-Upload the photos from my phone, it treats that as one "Job" and, until it's gone through all of the photos on my phone and uploads them to my Revel account, the cache is unable to be cleared.  Is that a correct way of looking at it?


            Currently it's get about half way through uploading (or syncing) before my phone alerts me that it's out of space and Revel stops working.  I assume the auto-space clearing at 500MB works the same way as the Clear Cache option, which means it won't work until after the "Job" of uploading is complete, is that right?


            If so, would it be safe to say that if I were to clear enough space on my phone to get the initial auto-upload job completed, that I would then be able to clear the cache correctly and only hold the thumbnails and app date on my phone hard drive?



            Thanks again! I really appreciate the help!

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              Pattie F Employee Moderator



              You can clear the cache yourself anytime, but it will not clear the files that have not completed uploading. You could try uploading a smaller batch at a time. Once you get the bulk of your photos in, the incremental daily uploads should be painless. You can still clear the cache periodically if you feel you need to free up some space. I only do it about once a month on my phone. 


              If you have huge amounts of files to upload, you also have the option of using adoberevel.com. You can drag and drop large quantities of photos into a library or album in revel and just walk away while it does the job. No cache issues.


              Do you have more than one account? The account associated with the same email you use in this forum has one library with only one photo in it as far as I can tell. I want to be certain that you don't have some account issues since you said you have uploaded many photos and I only detect one. When you delete the app, all pending uploads are cancelled.  Just because the thumbnail shows up when you ask for upload, does not mean that the file has completed the sync. You can tap on the cloud icon from library view to see the progress of a requested upload.



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                mikenyc Level 1

                Hmm, this should be the same account (same Adobe ID at least). 


                I have around 4,000+ photos on my iPhone and started auto-upload a few nights ago. The app says I have 1,727 photos available right now, and it's currently going through the Sync process. I downloaded the Revel Mac App and it pulled in all of the same photos as the app. And when I log in via the web interface it pulls in the photos as well.


                I'll try to do smaller batches of uploads and see if it works better.


                Thanks again!