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    Resolved: Font display in RH9 changed


      Recently while working in RH9, the font display in the topics changed to display differently than the selected font. When I generate, the topics display the appropriate font; however, when I reopen RoboHelp after a reboot, it still displays the odd font. It's like it is displaying MS Sans Serif versus the selected Verdana. Spacing is off as well. all this in the visual display is distracting and makes it difficult to format visually. I published and it seems OK once published as well. The font displays just fine; however, back to the robohelp files, looks weird.  Anyone else experience this and figure out how to fix?


      I continued reading down through the list of RoboHelp HTML discussions and found the solution in someone else's discussion "Problem with design view display." Adjust the Zoom. the zoom adjusted to 90% for some reason (possibly hit the wrong combination of keys while working) and when adjusted back to 100%, it resolved the problem.