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    Flash CC Crashes on File --> Close




      I recently upgrade from Flash CS to Flash CC and now, everytime I try to close a document I am working on --

      Flash CC crashes completely and I have to restart.

      This happens EVERY time I open, edit, save and close an .fla file.


      Also -- if I try to paste in a resource ( such as a full menu ) that is intended to replace the already existing one in the current file,

      I get the expected dialog:

      "One or more library items already exist in the document...

           * Don't Replace

           * Replace

           * Put Duplicate

      [ OK ] [ Cancel ]"


      Selecting the 2nd "Replace" Option -- it still simply adds a duplicate copy of the resource anyway.

      See images...



      As with Dreamweaver -- which is now completely useless as a code editor,

      it looks like I will have to downgrade Flash back to CS6 in order to get any work done.