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    inDesign zooming in 4000%


      Hi there,


      As the title says, my inDesign CC would sometimes zoom into 4000% randomly when i'm zoomed out around 12% and want to zoom in. I notice this has been happening when i'm using my intuos 5. I'm also using Mac OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion. It appears to be an incident with my inDesign only. I haven't been able to find others with this problem online.


      Has anybody else have/had this issue or is it just me? Please tell!

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          peter minneapolis Level 4

          Depending on your mouse-wheel settings (if you have a wheel) and/or equivalent keystrokes or keypad gestures, you may be inadvertently triggering the zoom. Try working very slowly and observing every action of every finger and every mouse movement. Just a thought!



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            Danopoly4 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. It's definitely not the mouse wheel setting that's at work here as it's isolated towards inDesign only. If it were, It would affect Photoshop and Illustrator, but luckily it doesn't. The problem only happens when i'm zoomed out at 12%, and when i use the zoom tool to zoom in, it jumps to 4000%. I don't use the express keys on my intuos 5 (keyboard shortcuts user) so they can't be the cause. I've also turned off multitouch input, so it's not my palm either. I'm not able to replicate the issue if I used my macbook trackpad or a mouse, so I believe it's an issue with the wacom driver.

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              It's not just you, I have this happening all the time. I thought it was my old, slightly twitchy budget GFX tablet but I recently got a new Intuos and it's still happening. It jumps to full zoom - 4000% from whatever zoom I am at and sometimes just to seemingly random increments. I've tried being very careful and controlled, slow in tapping but this only sometimes stops it from jumping and is no aid to workflow whatsoever....

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                Danopoly4 Level 1

                I was beginning to think that I was the only one with this issue. You know what they say, "misery loves company"

                Just wondering what computer are you using?