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    Auto bullets & auto numbering

    NTC Ann Level 1

      CS6, InDesign 8, Mac 10.8.5


      I am working on a pc. that someone else started. I can not figure out how to get rid of the automatic bullets they put in and the automatic numbering and how to get rid of the big L indent that some how they put in there.


      I want to put my own bullets and own numbering. Pluls with their #-ing, #5 has a huge space before and I can't figure out what they did in order to get rid of it (between teh 1st 4 they put double paragraph returns but I don't know what they did for #5 in the list.


      Thank you for any help anyone can give. Have a wonderful day!

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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Most of your more specific questions about "what they did" can't be answered without more detail, (screenshots with hidden characters showing, the actual file).


          To get rid of automatic lists, access the Bullets and Numbering panel from the paragraph style or the paragraph panel and set the List Type to None.