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    Robohelp 10 vs Robohelp 8 - Root.fpj note updating properly

    David beletz

      We are currently running Robohelp 8 on Windows 7 desktops across a office lan as well as a wide area network.  All patches have been installed.  We are using Microsoft Source Safe for version control.  Each member of my team has to be able to access each of the projects to complete their own chunks of work. We have recently again experienced instances where Robohelp did not update and save the Root.FPJ file to source safe and as a result the next user did not get a complete list topics.  I am working to manually fix this.


      My question is does Robohelp 10 address this issue and work better in a lan and wan environment?


      Thank you

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Do all the users have the Rh8 patches installed? There was a horrible problem when Rh8 launched of the local FPJ files losing the information so that on opening a project, lots of topics had gone walkabout. They were usually still on the hard disk, just lost from Rh.


          The problem is described on my site. Maybe your problem is linked to that. I don't think anyone else has reported this, other than when the problem arose.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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            Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Are you certain that root.fpj is the cause? Normally trashing the CPD before opening shared project solves most of these synchronisation issues.





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              David beletz Level 1

              I went through this once before when we were on XP machines. Had the IT unit install the patches and then worked with my staff and verified that they deleted the cpd files before they worked on any projects.  When we moved to Windows 7 made sure that IT installed the patches but also made sure that staff confirmed the install before working on the projects.     


              In this case it was just a couple of files that went on a walkabout not a 102 or more.  These were all recently added.  I should state that my collegeau still sees her newly added topics it's just that I can't pull them up as they aren't in the root.fpy file in source control.  So unfortunately I likely have to manually add the material to the root.fpj in source control and then blow out everyones cpd file.    I will however see if her local root.fpj file is good and complete or if Robohelp is just picking up the list from a cpd file that doesn't want to play nice.


              I think i have a new problem though as she sent me an email advising that she got an error message concerning the root.fpj file on loading the project.  She happens to be in another city so will have to address remotely.


              Having said all that I am the tech savvy person in my unit and I have to be concerned about succession planning.  While my team are good in terms of adding content to robohelp any back end problems would a big challenge for them to resolve and our IT unit would be of limited assistance.


              If Robohelp 10 addresses this type of problem and it works better with office 2010 I will just put together a business case to upgrade if it doesn't....


              Once again thanks you were of great help the last time i was on the forum a year+ ago.