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    WSDL error code transfer

    JosephDoggie Level 1

      My WSDL works and from the process playback in Workbench I can tell that it is being called actively.


      However, there is a small problem.


      I don't see how the "errorCode"  {-1 == SUCCESS} is transferred from the LiveCycle process to the LiveCycle document's JavaScript function.


      For example, for all processes (in the actual LiveCycle process) this seems to just be named "errorCode", however for the document's JavaScript known as getProcessWSDL it is called processErrorCode.  I don't ever see how this is transferred from one to another, I've done all sorts of searches in both Workbench and even in Visual Studio.


      In any event, for practical purposes, it works, but I would like to find out how to transfer variables.


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          JosephDoggie Level 1

          This is stored on the Object menu of the relevant field in Import/Export Bindings (Execute WSDL):


          It can be best seen by opening the xdp of the document in the xml editor of your choice, where it will appear as something like;


          <connect connection="GeProcessList" usage="importOnly" ref="!connectionData.GetProcesList.Body.invokeResponse.errorCode"/>