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    How can I hide or arrange alphabetically the folders that show up in 'local photos'?


      I have roughly 4000 photos and images in 150+ folders on my android tablet. Most of it is necessary presentation material that will never be opened in photoshop touch. However, when I get to the point in a presentation that I need to design something quickly, I'm faced with all 150+ folders showing up in 'local photos' in no discernable order.  I  only need 4 folders and about 12 sub folders that I will return to 3-4 times while creating the design. It is really time consuming to find the correct folder as they seem to be listed randomly. How do I isolate only the folders I need to see? Failing that, is there a way to get the folder/sub folder hierarchy to work? Failing that, can they be arranged alphabetically? Failing that, how are the folders arranged?