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    Premiere CC mac - media offline, crashes on relink


      Hi there. I've got a project which has had all it's files relocated to a different location. The first time I opened the project I sucesfully relinked everything and it ran smoothly. Now if I open the project or any previous version of it, premiere tells me that all the files are 'PROCESSING...' and show the question mark logo beside them in the media browser. (when I open the project Premiere doesn't notify me that the files are offline)


      When I try to relink the files through the media browser panel they all say 'PROCESSING...', as soon as I click OK after locating the file the Apple spinning wheel of death appears and the program becomes non respondant and needs to be force quit.


      I've tried opening previous versions of the project, importing the project into a new blank project and restarting the computer...nothing works!


      I'm running a 13" MBP quad core i5 with most recent version of Mountain Lion (haven't updated to Mavricks as I think i'd have more problems if I did!) and the most recent version of Premiere CC.


      Any help would be appreciated!!