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    Selecting a pixel in specific X,Y position


      I don't know if this can be done using (just) Photoshop, but any help is appreciated.


      I've got a series of meteorological satellite pictures (updated every 15 minutes), which indicate rainfall by means of a color code (blue means weak rain, red is heavy rain; the scale also includes green and yellow in-between). I wish to know the average daily rainfall on a specific spot in the map, which corresponds roughly to a single pixel in the picture, whose X,Y coordinates I've already determined.


      Now, I could manually select this pixel in each of the pictures and see which color it was in that specific moment of the day; however, there are too many pictures (96 every day, to be precise), and I began wondering if there's any way to automate this process - that is, I would need photoshop to select this specific pixel in each image, and determine which color it is.


      Any ideas?