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    make image look like stainless


      I have a flat clipart image of a knife and fork and I want to make it look like stainless steel. Any idea how to do that?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Shiny things tend to be defined by what they reflect, and are often shown in terms of strong highlights and shadows.  I started with black clipart, and filled with 50% grey as a starting point.  Then on separate layers I painted white lines using the Shift key to make them straight.  I blured the white lines to make them soft, and used layer masks to stop the blured white overspilling the outer edge of the knife. 


          To make things look shiny, a W shaped curve tends to do the trick.  You basically need to reinforce both shadow and highlight.  This was quick and dirty, but I hpoe you get the idea.


          Knife & Fork.jpg

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            There are also some amazing things you can do with Layer Styles.




            PSD file:  http://Noel.ProDigitalSoftware.com/ForumPosts/Stainless.zip



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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              Or for a really good Chrome effect, the Eye Candy filter, which takes account of object's environment to place convincing reflections.  Noel's comments about Layer Styles is spot on of course, but to illustrate the point I made about W shaped curves, when you apply the Bevel & Emboss layer style, it is the Ring, and Double Ring curves (2nd and 3rd on bottom row) that produce that chrome look.  These both used the Ring curve, but if you try it yourself, after chosing the Ring curve, click on the curve itself (instead of the drop down), and play with the curve shape.  Drag the points on the slopes right off the curve to delete them, and play with the point at the top of the left peak.  It is all about strong shadows and highlights.  That's what makes things look shiny





              [EDIT]  It always anoys me that the Chisel emboss option creates those little radial lines.  You can minimise them with very carefull adjustment of the settings, but they are almost impossible to remove completely.  I'd love to hear any tricks other people have for dealing with that?