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    RoboHelp 10 performance over network

    thekofler Level 1

      I understand since RoboHelp 10, Robohelp projects are now suppossed to work over a network. My project files are on a network drive and the speed over the network was woeful and projects were barely useable. We have now moved offices and are using a VPN to access our network. Opening a project with only about 20 topics took over 15 minutes. RoboHelp stopped responding after trying to display the properties of a topic. I could not create a new project on the network. Trying to open a large project was an overnight job.

      I worked with our IT support to see if we could improve the speed, but nothing worked.

      Does RoboHelp 10 work reliably over a network as Adobe claims or am I just wasting my time? If anyone has encountered the issue and resolved could you advise what you did?

      Thanks in advance Mark.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Mark


          I have tried it on our company network and it works satisfactorily. It is a little slower in some tasks such as generating an output but I would still have regarded that performance as acceptable if I were forced to work that way, as some users are. Working on topics was fine.


          I believe Adobe do make the point that it is depedendant on the network although I am surprised by the figures you quote. I saw nothing like that. I am talking about seconds, maybe a minute or two when generating.


          Can you try it direct to the network sometime without the VPN? I realise that could involve a long journey, hence "saying" sometime. Maybe a colleague could test that. I am wondering if that is the issue.


          Hoping someone who has tried over a VPN can chip in.


          Kind regards


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