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    Add items to a link bar

    kingquattro Level 1
      Hey guys,
      I am very very new to Flex, and ActionScripting. I have taken a crack at it before but gave soon. This time I really need to get a application deployed, and after hitting few road blocks I have decided to use Flex along with ColdFusion 8. I am kind of following the tutorials on www.totaltraining.com. So here is my questions.

      My app is multi page app. and I am using view stack to display the pages. I want to have a login screen in my app. but I want it in such a way that when a user clicks on the login button they get a popup window where they can login, and continue with the screen they were previously on, and once logged in the link need to change to logout. I have created component for login. So now how can I add a link in my link bar along with all the other i have? with out adding the component in the view stack. And you think i should add it in my view stack then who do i make it viewable in a popup (much like the Alert window) and then change it to logout after successful login?

      I hope I am making some sense. Please let me know I am sort of stuck with this.

      Thank you

      p.s. happpy holidays everyone.